We also learned this week that Disney Cruise Line is raising prices for Castaway Cay Cabanas, effective immediately for any newly booked cabanas. Those who have already booked cabanas will only be charged at the price in effect at the time they booked. The new pricing includes:

  • Family Beach Cabanas for $797.50 (up to 6 guests);
  • Family Grand Cabana (only one available) for $1,127.50 (up to 10 guests); and
  • Serenity Bay Cabana (adults only) for $493.90 (up to 4 guests).

While these prices are not out-of-step with other cruise line offerings, we have to say this feels like a money-grab, especially when other cruise lines are offering more included perks with their cabanas. For example, Royal Caribbean offers over-the-water cabana options, and includes special dining options served in the cabana for its guests. While we’re sure cabanas will continue to sell out, we do wonder if Disney will hit a pricing wall at some point if they don’t start to diversify their offering or improve the benefits for those booking one of these pricey and luxurious options at Castaway Cay. It’s also unclear what cabana pricing will look like at Lighthouse Point, although we expect pricing to be similar (or even higher) than at Castaway Cay.

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