Ep. 411 – Wishful Sailing: Wesley’s Full Trip Report of His First Sailing on the DIsney Wish

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Wesley is back from his trip on the Wish and it’s time to see if his fears were realized! Wesley is a seasoned Disney Cruise Line (DCL) veteran, but after sailing on Royal Caribbean he was a bit nervous about whether the Wish could live up to an Oasis-class experience, and whether some of the changes Disney implemented from the Dream-class ships to the Triton or Wish-class ships would sour him and his family to the experience. After chatting with him pre-cruise, we think we got him a bit more excited about trying out the Wish. Time to see how he and his family fared!

You can follow along on Wesley’s future adventures on Instagram and X (@DigitalDvnprt), or see some of Wesley’s amazing Disney Parks photogaphy on his separate Instagram and X accounts (@v55_71).

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