Disney updated its own site to include information about DisneyBand+, including FAQs. We’ve covered the Band+ in a prior newsletter post, including a link to our own FAQ (based on our experience), which has been updated with the additional information DCL provided. The biggest piece of “new information” is a photo revealing what we believe are at least five DisneyBand+ designs.

We’ve also heard from others that they’ve caught site of at least 1-2 other designs not pictured above. We won’t know anything about final Band+ designs until DCL starts taking orders.

That said, while it’s great to see new designs, this seems like a missed opportunity. Some of the designs are pretty generic or seem recycled from existing designs at the theme parks. For example, a Marvel themed Band+ while appealing to Marvel fans, seems to miss the audience of real cruise line fans in favor of an easy and recycled design leveraging Disney IP. Where are the band designs that feature DCL fan-favorites – Castaway Cay, the AquaDuck, Midship Detective Agency, and the like? More importantly, if Band+ will replace the need to wear a Key to the World card and lanyard, where are the designs that celebrate Castaway Club Status? Where’s a special Concierge-only Band+.

In short, if we don’t see more bespoke Band+ designs for Disney Cruise Line, I’d view this as a truly missed opportunity to excite DCL fans, in favor of some pretty lazy designs that appeal only to general Disney enthusiasts. I’ll add, it’s simply unforgivable that DCL seems set on not giving a free Band+ to it’s newest and highest-level Pearl Castaway Club members. The math is pretty easy – these folks have likely spent a minimum of $75k-100k with DCL, yet still have to pony-up an added $35-$45 for a Band+? Come on DCL? That’s just a shameful money-grab.

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