Listeners and friends ask us all the time, are Remy and Enchanté worth it?  That’s a tough question.  For us the answer is unequivocally yes, but whether they are right for you, really depends.  Read on below if you want our thoughts on the experience to help you decide.

Enchante sign

Enchanté Sign on Disney Wish

Lumiere decoration

Lumiere welcomes diners to Enchanté

What are Remy and Enchanté?

Remy and Enchanté are exclusive adult fine-dining experiences onboard Disney Cruise Line. Remy is found on the Dream and Fantasy, and Enchanté is found on the Wish. Both Remy and Enchanté offer brunch (on sea days, and on some sailings while in Nassau), dinner and a dessert experience.

Remy is themed after Ratatouille, while Enchanté draws inspiration from Lumiere (a popular character from Beauty and the Beast). The theming in these restaurants is very understated, so don’t expect character experiences or the kind over-the-top theming you might find at a Walt Disney World (WDW) restaurant. The atmosphere for both is elegant, with Enchanté leaning toward minimalist and modern decor, while Remy exudes a high-end French atmosphere. Both offer fantastic views out to the ocean.

The food quality and service in both restaurants are on par with other fine dining restaurants on land; which isn’t surprising given both are managed by three Michelin Star Chef Arnaud Lallement, the same chef responsible for Victoria and Alberts at WDW. In our experience, Remy and Enchanté can compete comfortably with the likes of other 2-3 starred Michelin restaurants where attention is closely paid to atmosphere, food quality and presentation, and impeccable service. The food at both restaurants is French inspired cooking, with a focus on adventurous gastronomic elements and ingredients.

How do you book Remy or Enchanté?

Remy and Echanté require advance reservations that can been booked in advance at the time your DCL activity booking window opens. So, Concierge guests can submit their reservation requests to shoreside concierge at 130 days prior to sailing; Platinum Castaway Club members can start making reservations at 120 days; Gold and Silver Castaways can book at 105 days and 90 days, respectively. First-time cruisers can book at 89 days prior to sailing.

On shorter sailings, reservations can be very limited. Both restaurants also have fewer tables than Palo, and the dinner experience in either can last longer (2-4 hours) than a typical Palo meal. Fewer tables and longer seatings mean both restaurants have less availability overall. So, if you are interested in experiencing either Remy or Enchanté, book the experience as soon as you can.

What’s the dress code?

Disney Cruise Line have updated their adult-dining dress code so that both Remy and Enchanté have the same dress code as Palo. Currently that is:

Adult-exclusive restaurants aboard Disney Cruise Line ships are elegant dining experiences. Guests are requested to dress in a manner consistent with the restaurant’s atmosphere. Formal or semi-formal attire is recommended. Dress casual attire with a polished look is permitted (such as dress pants, jeans in good condition, collared shirts and blouses and lifestyle shoes). Clothing such as T-shirts, swimwear and sports attire is not permitted.

Since Remy and Enchanté are fine-dining experiences onboard, you won’t be out of place if you decide to dress to the nines.

What can you expect from your experience at Remy or Enchanté?

Upon arriving for dinner, you’ll be greeted by the maître d’ and escorted to your table.

At Remy you can expect to be greeted by a cocktail (included with your meal). At brunch that’s likely to be a glass of Champagne or a mimosa. At dinner you can expect a signature cocktail known as “the Collette” – a Champagne cocktail themed after Chef Collette from Ratatouille. This Champagne, cognac and vodka based cocktail is one of our favorites.

Unfortunately, Enchanté does not currently offer an included cocktail – which we think is a truly missed opportunity. But you will be greeted by a host of Champagne offerings to start your brunch or dinner.

Both Remy and Enchanté offer a la carte and tasting menu experiences, with or without wine pairings.

At Remy you are greeted with the option of a French-inspired or American-inspired five course meal for dinner. If you are dining as a couple, it’s a great opportunity to order one of each menu and share the dishes.

At Enchanté you’ll be able to choose from different “levels” of tasting menu, or a la carte options.

Brunch at both restaurants is typically a 5 course affair with a set menu.

Both restaurants offer Champagne pairings at brunch, or wine pairings for dinner, at an additional charge. Pours of both are healthy. Speaking from experience, a full wine or Champagne pairing can be a lot for one person. We typically either “split” the pairing by requesting half pours, or simply skip the paring in favor of a couple of glasses with wine that will suffice across course.

Once you’ve chosen your drinks and meal, you can expect brunch or dinner to include canapés, an amuse bouche, an amazing bread service, some extra sweet treats after dessert, and even some sweet bites to take back to your cabin. Before dessert you will also get a chance to enjoy a cheese course.

How Much do Remy and Enchanté Cost?

In 2020 DCL increased the cost of all of the adult dining experiences onboard, including Remy. Brunch at Remy costs $75 per person, and Champagne pairings add an additional $30 per person. Dinner is $125 per person, and wine pairing cost an additional $105 per person. The Remy menu also offers some item at an “up-charge” including a Waygu or Miyazaki beef course, and a caviar course. The Remy dessert experience costs $60 per person, with wine pairings costing an additional $25 per person.

One way to save some money while still getting to experience Remy is the Petites Assiettes de Remy, bookable only once you are onboard. This experience includes a six-course meal of small plates paired with wines, and is offered only in the early evening on the first night of the cruise. The current status of this experience post-COVID is unclear. But if offered, it’s a great way to try out the Remy fine-dining experience at a much reduced cost of $50 per person, inclusive of wine pairings.

Enchanté has a different pricing model for dinner. In addition to a la carte items, Enchanté offers a “Passion” or “Collection” tasting experience. The Passion menu, currently $125 per person, includes four courses from the a la carte menu, along with a cheese and dessert courses; wine pairings can be added for an additional $115 per person. The Collection menu, currently $195 per person, includes 5-7 courses, some of which are made only for the Collection experience and are not offered a la carte; a Champagne pairing costs an additional $140 per person.

Enchanté brunch costs $75 per person inclusive of a welcoming glass of Champagne. Enchanté also offers a dessert experience called “Just Desserts” for $60 per person; a wine pairing can be added for an additional $28 per person.

So, Are Remy and Enchanté Worth It?

“Worth” is always a difficult question, and truly comes down to what you enjoy. You don’t need to dine at ether Remy or Enchanté to have an amazing cruise; but for some, these experiences are something they seek out any time they sail (us included.

If you are not an adventurous eater or don’t enjoy fine dining then Remy and Enchanté are not for you. We’d also say that while both experiences can accommodate most dietary restrictions, if you are truly a picky eater, you might want to enjoy a Palo dinner over trying Remy or Encahnté.

If you are an adventurous eater or have a particular affinity for fine dining (or just have always wanted to try it) and would not blink at spending $300-$500 per person at a fine dining restaurant on land, Remy and Enchanté are for you! You will have a culinary adventure that generally includes canapes, an amuse bouche, seafood, meat, cheese, and dessert courses for a price slightly less than what you would experience on land!  And if you have kids cruising with you, you can rest easy knowing that they are having fun in the kids club and that you won’t even have to pay for an at home babysitter!

In our opinion, there is really no better dining experience than enjoying a delicious meal and knowing your kids are safe and well-cared for- so if you are like us and love to hand your meal planning off to a three Michelin starred chef, make a reservation for brunch or dinner on your next cruise!

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